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So Participation Is Inflitration?!

Submitted by on March 1, 2010 – 1:47 pm7 Comments

When is joining a mainstream political party regarded as ‘infiltration’? When Muslims do it. Jim Fitzpatrick, MP for Poplar and Canning Town and Energy Minister, is on Islamophobic territory by alleging that because local Muslims have taken an interest in joining the local Labour Party, they are trying to take it over from within.

He specifically singles out the Islamic Forum of Europe (IFE) for his ire. His claims are amongst others highlighted in another Islamophobic documentary by Channel 4’s Dispatches team with a programme (airing of 1st March) making a whole host of allegations. So listen out for silly allegations about segregation at weddings amounting to extremism and compliance with Sharia as a mark of some fifth column organising a takeover of Britain. If these themes sound familiar, that’s because similar conspiratorial allegations we made against Britain’s Jewish population at the turn of the 20th Century. Also listen out for creepy, unnerving bass-heavy music when a ‘key point’ is being made and also look out for a roster of Muslim apologists who will use the documentary to lay into to the IFE. The subtext of the documentary is simple; Muslims should not join the mainstream parties and expect those parties to reflect their concerns.

MPACUK has fought hard to advocate the idea of Muslim participation in mainstream democratic politics as a far more attractive alternative to the violent reaction we have seen in the past.

So how should Muslims respond? Simply by getting rid of Fitzpatrick and any other MP that makes such allegations at the forthcoming General Election. Fitzpatrick has a surmountable majority of just over 7,000 votes. If Muslims in the constituency organise against him, they can either sweep him out of power or at least erode his majority into marginal territory. Muslims should demonstrate that they can vote tactically in the Election and show malcontents such as Fitzpatrick the door.
Read more: http://www.mpacuk.org/story/010310/so-participation-inflitration.html#ixzz0gvrfZ80g


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  • peter says:

    Participation becomes infiltration when those “infiltrators” seek to subvert the political party with their own undemocratic agenda. Muslims must learn once and for all that the UK never was is not and never will be a Muslim majority country. At present the three major political parties in the UK are vying for the islamic vote. They either do not see the threat of islamism or they choose to appease it for their own ends.

    The Channel 4 programme demonstrated a level of corruption never before seen in English Local Government. How did a low-level administrative officer with limited ability get appointed to the post of Assistant Chief Executive? Why was the flawed petition for a “Strong Mayor” accepted when many of the signatures had been falsified?

    As a result of irregularities with postal votes in some areas, a number of labour party activists were arrested and convicted of electoral fraud. It is no accident that every single one of them was a Muslim.

  • peter says:

    In the last paragraph of my previous post, I omitted to add that the election irregularities occurred in the 2005 General Election.

    As for Abdullah hasan’s post, I guess if your muslim domination agenda is exposed, you cant beat a few choruses of the victim mantra. Pathetic but effective.

  • @ peter, so its just a case of damned if you do and damned if you dont.

    If you look closely you will notice that it was not my post but a post which I posted from another website!

    Thank you

  • peter says:

    My apologies but my argument stands.

  • In my view you are wrong. Good day.

  • Adam says:

    Just came across your comments.

    Is Peter concluding the ability of the Assistant Chief Executive from a bais documentry? Have they not read the press statement from the Council’s Chief Excecutive to see what he has acheived!

    The recent MP expense claims and allegations, I wonder how many of them where Muslim? Peter, act of fraud cannot be generalised and associated to a particlular creed or race!

    Fraud is happening everywhere.


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